From Carbon to Cusine

Concurrently with the green transition, we have to think in new technologies to meet the challenges arising from climate change and an ever-increasing demand for food.

Process Engineering A/S has in collaboration with Aarhus University designed a pilot plant based on a new technology, which has potential to revolutionize the way we produce food. If you are curious to know more, then watch the video below, where our colleague Mads B. Andersen tells about the case.

The concept “From Carbon to Cuisine” is about using CO2 to produce proteins via the use of advanced fermentation technology. Fermentation is not new, but what makes this case unique is the process’ ability to convert carbon from CO2 into edible protein. Microorganisms play a central role in this process, as they use CO2 as a carbon source and convert it into acetate. The acetate is then converted via a biochemical reaction into proteins that can be used as an ingredient for food.

The technology has potential to transform the food production as it does not require the use of agricultural land, which in principle can be planted with trees and further contribute in reducing the air’s CO2. Even though the technology is still in the development phase, there is no doubt that the potential is enormous.

The “From Carbon to Cuisine” concept is a proposal for a sustainable solution for future food production.

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