Cultural profile

Process Engineering’s most important resource for success is our employees. They are the ones who make Process Engineering a great place in which to work. This is why we strive to create the best working environment together with our employees.

In 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022 we were certified as a good workplace by Great Place to Work. Great Place to Work is a fantastic tool for us when it comes to focusing on areas that can be improved and ensure an even better workplace. This applies to all our employees, but it also helps us focus on what creates the most value for our customers.

Have a look at our cultural profile

Below you can have a look at our cultural profile from 2020 and you can read about what kind of organisation we are, what professional and social initiatives we take and about the development we are currently undergoing. And a number of employees explain what it is like to be employed with a growing consulting engineering company.

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Great Place to Work 2022

Cultural profile 2020

"What I find exciting about being employed with PE is the variety of projects and the fact that you’re professionally challenged. The focus is on sharing knowledge, and you get the feeling that there’s always somebody who can help you and give constructive input. Finally, there’s a lot of professional pride and people are proud to work for PE."

"I believe our management is good at looking beyond the professional potential when allocating people to projects. For example, you don’t have to be a specialist when it comes to a given task if you’re a specialist in familiarising yourself with new topics."