Certificerede projektledere

10 certified project managers in Process Engineering

For the past year, seven colleagues in Process Engineering have been trained in project management, which can give IPMA certification. With seven project management certificates, Process Engineering is now employing 10 certified project managers.

“As we solve more and complex projects, we are increasingly experiencing a greater need for standardised tools for project execution. The project management training helps us to meet those needs. The project managers are strengthening their competencies in preparing, implementing and handing over projects in a complex world, where we have to meet the authorities, customers, rules and norms. The training strengths our services in project management so we can offer our customers a strong project process,” Peter Lindblom says, Head of department in Sorø.

Broad competencies in project management

Meeting facilitation, estimate, project follow-up, project management and conflict management. These are some of the competencies in which the seven project managers have had their competencies strengthened. It allows us to act within the range of project management and offer the customers strong competencies to manage projects.

“The entire process has been characterized by practice-oriented workshops, which have made me able to translate the tools into real-life situations, which we may encounter in our daily work. In this way I am better equipped to manage unexpected problems in our projects,” says Thomas D. Hjerbech, who work from the office in Sorø.

All project managers already have long and practical experience with project management, and with these project management certificates their toolboxes are expanded.

“Project management is about how you approach people and how you get the most out of them. I have worked with project management for many years, but it is a good thing to update your competencies. We are not all alike and we handle situations differently. Especially, I have focused on how to take this into account, how to act in a team and get the team to work,”tells Peter V. Madsen, who work at the office in Copenhagen.

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